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Our reporting tools and services can build the bridge you need to maximize new business opportunities and financing solutions within the impact investment community.

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Being able to measure, manage, and monitor the risks throughout the business cycle that come with innovative and disruptive business models can mean the difference between success and failure.

To manage the risks inherent in building out the Global Bioeconomy, GBS has developed the QuantaVision Risk Management System, which provides a systematic and effective holistic linking of managed risk with risk mitigation activities for every business decision, while maximizing profitability and long-term feasibility of these innovative businesses.

QuantaVision ESG Report

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of an organization’s impact in the three areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.
Why is this important?

QuantaVision ESG Report

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of an organization’s impact in the three areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.
Why is this important

QuantaVision Sustainability Reports

Enhance transparency and strengthen performance by explicitly connecting the dots to how your organization manages sustainability-related risks and opportunities and their financial outcomes.
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QuantaVision Enterprise Risk Management Report

The QuantaVision ERM methodology creates a common language that provides superior risk identification and risk mitigation activities that can offset losses and provide a platform for maximizing company performance and profits.
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Feasibility Studies

The independent feasibility study provides an investigating function and addresses the question:
“Is this project worth the investment?”
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ESG Strategic Consulting Services

We help businesses at every part of the ESG journey. Let us enhance your marketability whether you’re taking the first steps in developing an effective sustainability program, need support disclosing ESG performance, or want to develop sustainability initiatives.
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What Makes Good Companies Great? Accepting They Will Fail

In this new sea change of Impact Investing, the rules of language have changed, but it’s a challenge you can learn and master if you are willing to pursue it and face it head-on with a well prepared feasibility study and/or a risk mitigation plan while at the same time educating and encouraging your team to be a part of the solution.

If you are never failing, you are probably never winning, either.

If everything you do is working, you probably aren’t taking enough risks, which means that even if you’re achieving small wins every day, you aren’t challenging yourself to achieve big wins that will set you apart in a meaningful way.

Great enterprises do make big bets, but they avoid big bets that could blow holes below the waterline.

Ask three questions:
1. What’s the upside, if events turn out well?
2. What’s the downside, if events go very badly?
3. Can you live with the downside? Truly?

To Speak Their Language, Learn to Doubt

What investors are looking for is a management team that has answers for these hard risk questions, because the company has developed a comprehensive risk mitigation plan where the majority of risks are above the waterline and you have a plan to repair it if it blows.

Be a Good Steward and Be Able to Prove It

Learning to speak the language of risk can also show that you will be a good steward of someone else’s money. To get the financing you need, you have to empathize and see the world through an investment banker’s eyes and learn to think and talk like them.

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