Transformational Sustainability Reporting in a Rapidly Evolving Financial World

Company History


Company founded as Westar Trade Resources
Company rebranded as Global BioFuture Solutions



Company rebranded as QuantaVision

Company rebranded as QuantaVision to further diversify our services into serving our clients by providing these key consulting services:

Help our clients

To “Work Smarter, Not Harder” to accomplish long-lasting financial and sustainable success for their companies

The ”Science”

To organize and present key data that is needed for a variety of stakeholders

The “Art”

Preparing quality and timely reports – Sustainability Reports, ESG Reports, Feasibility Studies, and others as needed

The “Voice”

Provide consulting and marketing services to properly present this data to investors, employees, customers, and other stakeholders


Managing Diverse Data Sets

ESG and sustainability regulations, stakeholder pressure, state and federal programs, and industry challenges are driving the growth of new reporting requirements:


Sustainable Data Reporting Strategy
Reporting ”on demand” to fulfill the needs of a diverse and
growing financing, regulatory, and human resources reporting

Sustainability Data and Reporting Strategy

Design and implementation of efficient processes, systems and controls

Use across multiple regulatory requirements and different processes, systems, and geographies
Measuring, reporting and monitoring of sustainability data activities
Enabling ongoing continuous improvement activities in your business

Transformational Sustainability Reporting Expertise

Broad experience across all ESG and sustainability processes and issues – blend of sustainability, finance and accounting expertise.

Customized approach to fit the task solutions with the business needs – coupled with a proven track record of delivering projects and getting results.

Recognized sustainability expert and thought leader in the Sustainability Industry.