Attracting equity capital and long-term financing is an ever-present challenge, and the biggest obstacle to obtaining adequate and ongoing financing is a lack of understanding of the full scope of a project by developers, advisors, and investors.

We assist our clients in producing positive financial outcomes by developing studies, reports, and strategies that lead to successful, sustainable term financing and equity investment.

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The QuantaVision Risk Management System provides a systematic and holistic methodology to capture an organization’s environmental, social and corporate governance—ESG—strategies, processes, and data. This proprietary approach to ESG helps organizations show how they will maximize profitability and achieve long-term feasibility through their ability to measure, manage, monitor, and mitigate risks.

QuantaVision ESG Report

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of an organization’s impact in the three areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.

Why is this important?

QuantaVision Sustainability Reports

Enhance transparency and strengthen performance by explicitly connecting the dots to how your organization manages sustainability-related risks and opportunities and their financial outcomes.

How does this help?

QuantaVision Enterprise Risk Management Report

The QuantaVision ERM methodology creates a common language that provides superior risk identification and risk mitigation activities that can offset losses and provide a platform for maximizing company performance and profits.

What else?

Feasibility Studies

The independent feasibility study provides an investigating function and addresses the question:

“Is this project worth the investment?”

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ESG Strategic Consulting Services

We help businesses at every part of the ESG journey. Let us enhance your marketability whether you’re taking the first steps in developing an effective sustainability program, need support disclosing ESG performance, or want to develop sustainability initiatives.

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Global Biofuture Solutions thrives on supporting the growth of a Low Carbon Bioeconomy with our suite of high-quality, proprietary ESG tools and services. Accelerate your path to market, project fruition, and successful financing results by leveraging our experience and flexible fee schedules (retainer, per-project, or hourly).

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