Measure, manage, and mitigate the risks inherent to innovation and building within
the Global Bioeconomy with our proprietary QuantaVision Risk Management System.

Quantiavision Risk Management System

Tame Your Toughest ESG, ERM, and Sustainability Projects

When we apply the systemic and holistic methodologies of the QuantaVision Risk Management System to capture your ESG, ERM, and sustainability strategies, processes, and data, you maximize both near-term and long-term profitability and feasibility in the eyes of developers and investors.

We help you identify the root causes of risks and vulnerabilities and plan risk management and mitigation activities and interventions to strengthen your business and industry standing and the perceived value for positive financial outcomes.

72% of investors conduct reviews of nonfinancial disclosures, and 40% said that companies do not adequately disclose ESG-related risks.

EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services Fifth Global Institutional Investor Survey, 2020

QuantaVision ESG Report

ESG reporting provides a snapshot of an organization’s impact in the three areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.
Why is this important?

QuantaVision Sustainability Reports

Enhance transparency and strengthen performance by explicitly connecting the dots to how your organization manages sustainability-related risks and opportunities and their financial outcomes.
How does this help?

QuantaVision Enterprise Risk Management Report

The QuantaVision ERM methodology creates a common language that provides superior risk identification and risk mitigation activities that can offset losses and provide a platform for maximizing company performance and profits.
What else?

What You Get with the QuantaVision Risk Management System

  • Experienced staff with deep, long-term relationships in all areas of renewable energy and sustainable technologies
  • Software-based risk information architecture paired with an extensive knowledge base built over time
  • Risk-based information and technology architecture to deliver integrated risk management and governance activities with 360° situational awareness
  • An integrated set of libraries, methodologies, relationships, and global standards
  • Detailed, integrated set of reports that identify hot spots, trouble areas, and risk mitigation strategies
  • Independent verification throughout the process that assures transparency and accuracy over the life of a loan, bond, or investment

Global Biofuture Solutions thrives on supporting the growth of a Low Carbon Bioeconomy with our suite of high-quality, proprietary ESG tools and services. Accelerate your path to market, project fruition, and successful financing results by leveraging our experience and flexible fee schedules (retainer, per-project, or hourly).

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