Giving Back

Quality of life for the world’s children in 2050 depends on our decisions today. The need for change in human development for them to lead happy lives has been debated for decades. The sustainability discourse started in the 1970s, and the 1992 UN Conference on the Environment and Development recognized intergenerational equity as central for policymaking that safeguards the future—this principle is now found in the constitutions of many countries.

But we will not win the long game if we do not recognize that raising strong, healthy children today to be the leaders of tomorrow matters just as much. It makes us better people. It makes us better environmentalists.

We’re giving back through Tiger Tracks

Tiger Tracks International is a 501(c )3 organization that is dedicated to tackling the issues that can irreparably damage a child for life, including physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, child trafficking, and mental illness. We are involved in educational programs that can reach out to children and parents to provide awareness and resources that can bring about early change and intervention. We also directly sponsor key activities that will build a bridge for vulnerable children to receive the help and support they need.

It is possible to build a future for these children as well as safeguard the environment for future generations. And it is, in many cases, possible to both at the same time.

Interested in learning more about our sponsorship programs?

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